Skincare 101: Less is MORE

My people,

Question. Who doesn't want perfectly clear skin? Don't we all. I am going to expose ALL of my Top Beauty Secrets! Below you will find out my favorite go-to products that I use to promote clear, soft, and nourishing skin. For my models, this is critical especially with the stress behind the preparation for fashion AND during fashion week. And for all of my beautiful women these are some awesome, legit products that I use. I want to start off by saying LESS is definitely MORE. I do not use a lot of products and most of all I do not use them very often. I use them about 2-3 a week. It is SO important that you let your skin and body build their natural oils and do the work! 

Flaws? We all have them.  Completely unavoidable. Accept it and then embrace them. I have a ton of blemishes and a load discoloration on my face. My favorite, favorite products to use are from the YES brand. I really like their stuff because it is super delicate on your skin. A lot of other products is a bit harsh on my skin and I prefer my skin to be moist and soft after application. Not to mention, everything is paraben free. The less chemicals, the better! 

Now, to the products (from left to right)

1. Yes to Grapefruit: This product is perfect for discoloration. I noticed my skin changing immediately after use. It adds a nice shine and moisture and I can feel how gentle it is on my face and I love it. It evens my skin tone and repairs the color differences (blotches) on my face. I like to use this in the beginning of my day and I use it maybe once or twice a week.

2. Yes to Tomatoes: Clear Skin Facial Towelettes. I absolutely love this product. These towelettes are perfect to use right before bed or early in the morning or even after a great workout and my pores are all clogged up. I have blemishes and blackheads and this product is really good to perfect both. It is so soothing and feels lovely on the skin. Perfect on the go and at home cleansing product. 

3. Yes to Tomatoes: Daily Balancing Moisturizer. This product adds the perfect finishing touch after using the towelette and/or the cleanser. In my opinion, it serves as a great lotion and it moisturizes leaving the skin polished. 

4. Yes to Tomatoes: Daily Clarifying Cleaner. Now, this is the product I LOVE to use in the shower. It doesn't get really foamy which I love. You should apply on a damp face and just massage it into your skin and pores. This washes away the blackheads and eliminates the blemishes. I like to apply twice every 2-3 days... sometimes 4 depending on how oily my skin is. When I am done using this my skin looks really clear and my complexion looks super vibrant!

I am big on not over using skin care products and letting your skin breathe and do some of the work on its own. I suggest that you use them sparingly. Also, it saves you money and time =). If you feel like you must use it more, use it more and also alternate your diet. Certain foods and drinks may be causing breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads. 

After using these products, this is how my skin looks. (These pictures do not have a filter.) 

I scratched myself on my nose.

I scratched myself on my nose.

Remember, take in your flaws with loving arms and kisses. Flaws are guaranteed. And it is what makes us exceptionally beautiful. These products are to enhance the beauty we already have, not to create it. That happens within us.. before the products.