New York Fashion Week 2015

What's up!

O.M.G. New York Fashion Week 2015 was SOOOOO hectic and crazy! It is every model's dream to be a part of! Even throughout the chaos, I enjoyed myself. Saw a few models that I recognized, got to meet some really cool designers, and networked my ass off! It was super dope! 

I didn't get to walk in any shows =[. My body measurements were fine but they could have been better. I was a (32-24-35) when the ideal is (34-23/24-34). I really need to get my hips down an inch or so. That's the goal that I am working on right now. A smaller waist and some smaller hips. So that means cutting out the bad carbs and strength training with some cardio. I hired a nutritionist for Fashion Week to help me drop my measurements and that is exactly what she did! Her name is Emma Galland and she has inspired in more ways than one. More importantly, she taught me how I should be eating now and for the rest of my entire life. A HUGE investment that was totally worth it. She has helped me with an entire food guide that I can still abide by in the future. I will be posting another blog on fitness, nutrition and investment later so keep an eye out for that. 

Preparing for Fashion Week
I literally prepare all year for fashion week but about a month before it, I go into CRUNCH mode. I try my best, best to get about 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is so, SO essential. It rejuvenates your body and adds a few years to your face. This helps me look extremely fresh and energetic.
- I drank a tonnnn of water. I mean I already ONLY drink water and tea. (Mostly water) But I crank it up a notch before Fashion Week. Yes, you will be running to the bathroom every 45 minutes lol but its totally worth it knowing that you're hydrating yourself and doing your body good. 
- I kept my sugar intake low. I completely eliminated table sugar, anything with artificial flavoring and preservatives. Getting rid of the preservatives was the hardest part.
- I work extremely hard to meal prep. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep. Every single meal counts. I eat about 3 meals (9am, 1pm, 6pm) and seldom do I snack unless its in the morning because I love fruit and fruit has a lot of sugar in it. Natural sugar though so its not all that bad. But I enjoy meal prepping. Not only is cooking therapeutic but it allows me to get so creative with my food. It also allows me to have control over whats going on in MY body and MY life. Who doesn't want control over what's happening in their life? I schedule my life around meal prepping, exercising, and sleeping. Or at least I try my best to. 
- Exercising!!! IS a must, must! Some days I was hitting the gym twice a day! Which wasn't such a great thing because I don't eat a lot  and when you don't eat a lot you don't have much energy to be working off. When I noticed myself getting too exhausted I would cut back on the workouts and do something a little less intense like pilates, zumba or Hot Yoga. And yes! Hot Yoga is not that bad! I actually find it to be soo meditative and relaxing. It stretches just about everything out from my toes, to my ears, and most importantly .. my mind
- Speaking of mind, I meditate every single morning. Put great vibes in to the air and connecting with my spirit is important to me. I take about 10-15 minutes sometimes more if I have the time. First thing in the morning before I even brush my teeth .. My candle and my gratitude journal is right on the stand beside my bed. 

- After I meditate, I'll write down about 10-15 things that I am SO grateful for (Sometimes more if I'm feeling extra grateful) and I write down some of thoughts, plans, and ideas. I like to write things down because it makes things more physical (Got that from a Jay-Z quote) and when things are more physical, it is more of a reminder for it to happen. 

- Prepare a week before thinking you will see much results the week of.
-  Catch up on sleep the week before do this several weeks before fashion week. 
- Starve yourself or go on juice cleanses. A lot of models tend not to eat during fashion week. But not eating is so horrible for your health. It draws your body into starvation mode which in turn actually causes you to GAIN WEIGHT. Gaining weight is a big no, no during fashion week. 
As far as Juice Cleanses go, I would never recommend them for losing weight and I personally wouldn't recommend them for Vata body types throughout the winter. Not only will you gain the weight RIGHT AFTERWARDS because going back to solids will give you back your pounds but you are not getting everything (as in vital nutrients and vitamins) that you need throughout your ENTIRE day in your juices.  You want to be aware of your body type so you know what foods and exercises do and do not work for you. You can find this out by taking a quiz online and doing some research on body types. What may work for me, may not work for you! We are all different and we have different bodies that requires different things. My body slims down immediately when I eliminate bad carbs, stop eating after 6pm and I exercise daily. That works for me. It may not work for you. You may need to eat more carbs than I do. What gives me energy may not give you energy, etc. But yes, back to being a Vata and drinking juices all day... I would not recommend it because Vatas get extremely cold.. extremely quick. Juicing just adds on to being cold. In the winter Vatas want to attract to warmer foods.. such as hot cereal, oatmeal, and soups. I try not to eat so many salads but boy! Do I love me a salad! 
- Over exhaust yourself! That's why it is vital for you to prepare for fashion week way in advance so your not crunching all of your exercises together thinking it will make much of a difference right before fashion week. You still need your energy to attend castings! 

Fashion Week 2015!!!!!!
OMG. It was legit so hectic. I have TWO jobs. One at a cycling studio in Brooklyn and then another in a fitness center  in the Upper Eastside. 

I work at two fitness related jobs because throughout my journey towards being a Supermodel I've had been told that I need to work out or lose weight or eat less... and tons of hurtful YET constructive things. Once I started a workout regime, I was hooked. And now I am so into fitness and nutrition. I get to discuss it all of the time at both of my jobs and I'm constantly learning some new and improving myself and my lifestyle. It's so exciting and I love it. I love knowing that I'm growing in other areas in life and that it is another step forward towards my craft. 

Juggling these two jobs was too crazy for fashion week! I've had to miss some auditions which was breaking my heart. I've had to call out of my job or walk in extremely late.. risking losing it. I was willing to take that risk. I am always willing to risk it all for my passion. You'll begin to learn that about me. Although, I need money for bills and to go back into my craft .. the craft itself is the ultimate source of happiness and it's what I truly want to be successful in. Sometimes you have to pick and choose when to think long and short term. I was literally running from train station to train station, cab to cab, parking spot to parking spot, meter for parking to another audition. Audition to audition. It was exhausting and aggravating. But when I got there I tried putting my best food forward. Many of the shows that I actually got picked for I couldn't do anymore due to work or some car issues that I was going through. I was in need of switching my Corolla out because it was giving me bad knee aches and pains. My knees would crack all of the time and both walking and sitting down was uncomfortable. I had a lot, a lot on my place. As does anyone else! That just means that I had to work a little harder to find someone to cover my shift or a little harder at work so it would make up for my lateness/absences for auditions. I am telling you when there is a will there is a way! The universe was legit meeting me half way. But again, everything happens for a reason. I got into a car accident a day before 2 of my shows. I slid on snow and then into a block of snow in my Corolla AT the entrance of the dealership going to go trade it in! How crazy is that! Instead of being down and negative and wondering why this is happening to me for too long. I just stayed at a hotel with my Dad. This was all on Valentine's Day too! LOL! But We got to spend some quality time together and watch some Basketball since it was also ALL-Star Weekend. I ended up getting a new car but it really did suck missing out on the shows. But maybe this just wasn't my time. Maybe all of this is preparing for something bigger and greater. This was the preparation for something great.

I've always invested in some really really nice black booties. This gave me all of the confidence I needed to succeed! Shortly, I will be posting a video on what's important to invest in as far as money and time goes. Be on the look out, Mannequins! 

Always, always find the positive in every negative. Finding the good in everything got me through it all. I've worked so hard for fashion week and it doesn't mean it goes down the drain because I didn't get to actually walk in shows.. It just means that I am even MORE prepared for next fashion week .. for my next photoshoot.. for my next campaign!! LOL Who knows!

Here are some videos of my comp cards AND me jumping from cab to cab!