Black Owned Burgers: Action Burger

Greeting Gods,

Supporting Black Owned Businesses is essential for Black communities. Being economically conscious with your money to support Black Owned Businesses helps to create more businesses that then helps to create more jobs that then helps to builds these communities. This allows us to be more economically efficient. We need our youth to grow up seeing Black Owned Businesses thrive in their communities to know that this is all very possible. We need to introduce entrepreneurship in our Black communities and what it means to create wealth, power, and knowledge within our communities. This is great people doing great things.

Next Stop. Action Burger

Action Burger is truly one of a kind. It is a video game, comic book, and science fiction theme restaurant. Serving exceptionally well-seasoned burgers, alcoholic beverages and milkshakes. Ranging from StarWars, to Anime, to Super Smash Bros to Halo parties this place has it all for a gamer. Packed with over 100 original Nintendo games. While we were waiting for our food we played Duck Hunt on the Nintendo! The vibe was pretty smooth and relaxed. The decor is SO cool! It is every gamer's fantasy with some food and drinks on the side. They had vintage arcade games, board games, game consoles, and action figures. It was like walking into Toys R Us in 1995.

Now they have villian food and super hero food, it's your choice. Hero food being the healthier alternative. I thought that was super cool. Their burgers was deliciously messy. The Turkey Burger was packed with 22 different spices with a taste to die for! They also have vegetarian options. Not to mention, the games are FREE. They also serve drinks. So if you want to drink, eat, and play some throwback video games Action Burger has it all. It will leave you feeling 12 years old all over again.