My Top 20 Most Inspiring Women in Holistic Health

Greetings Gods,

In celebration of Women's History Month I've decided to come up with a series of Inspiring Women doing their damn thing. This week's Womencouragement is all about Holistic Health. My Top 20 list is a list of holistic influencers that I personally follow that inspire me every single time I get on Instagram. Instagram has the tendency to infiltrate our minds with fantasies and dream lives having us feel a little insecure about our very own lives. These Instagram accounts do quite the opposite for me. They motivate me to be great, to be challenged, to love myself.. and my life. They encourage me to just be kind to myself and my journey. They get me excited for my own personal goals toward holistic health coaching, nutrition, exercising, traveling and just outright being holistically amazing...

I am super grateful for each Instagram account listed below because each and everyone has played a crucial role in strengthening my desire to do just the same for others all around the world. I hope you enjoy this list and it inspires you the same exact way. 

Top 20 Women in Holistic Health and Fitness

1. @SecretOfDD - Deddeh Howard is a model from Liberia who is all about fashion, health, yoga, lifestyle and is a medical student. She promotes authenticity by being herself and promoting others to do just the same. I absolutely admire everything this woman stands for. She created The Black Mirror Project (@blackmirrorproject) which is one of the most innovative ideas the modeling industry has seen in generations. It shows so many major photoshoots with white models recreated so eloquently as herself, a Black model. I think it's the hands down greatest idea EVER. The purpose behind the project is “to help to bring awareness back to the positive side of black people. Unfortunately we are rarely shown in a positive light in the media, but can see countless times when yet another black person gets shot or arrested.” I think it shows that Black women are just as beautiful. It shows that Black Women can be the standard. It shows us that it's about time we start adding more diversity to the modeling industry because we all matter. Break the internet girl! And Keep motivating us all in the process! I'm very, very grateful for you.

2. @FoodHeavenShow: Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez are registered dietitians and best friends. Best friend goals forreal! They also have a 28 day plant powered cookbook on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They also host a series of retreats around the world focusing on nutrition, yoga, self-care, bootcamp, etc. *all holistic tings - and that’s why I love them!

3@HealWithCrystal: Crystal provides alternative and holistic health service.  Crystal promotes living a life of healing through sacred space and holistic practices.

4. @TheSoulHugger: Jame is a health, wellness, and green-living enthusiast. She lives in Montreal, Quebec. She is a pharmacist who believes that pills are not the only solution towards bettering your health.

5. @TheNYCyogini: Patricia’s Pinto page is all about yoga, pilates, meditation and retreats. I, in the near future, would LOVE to throw a retreat. We’ve even had a chat on how to go about doing so, and her page alone is so raw and real. If she is having a bad day, she embraces that. We need to do a little more embracing. It reminds me that I’m not perfect and that my flaws are extremely beautiful. BTW, she has a few upcoming retreats later this month in March, May, and July-Aug.

6. @LaurennNixon: Food Educator. She’s all about real food, and a juicy life (Not the gossip kind of juicy). A lot of people do not know what real food is. They also don’t know that that is exactly how we are supposed to be eating. Lauren provides spirited workshops that help you become a creative and curious cook right in the comfort of your home.

7. @AishaThalia: Aisha is a free-spirited woman with curls and curves who shows us how delicious living a vegan lifestyle can be. She also has a Masters in education, which optimizes her Brains and Beauty kind of motivation!

8. @TheFit_Optimist: Nicole Beauregard is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in women’s fitness and nutrition coaching. Her page inspires me to be a bit more loving to myself through diet, exercise, and a few sweet treats :) She’s real and understanding to any and all issues we have with dieting and exercising.

9. @RawAndRadiant talks about how brightly you can shine when you’re eating real and raw foods. Ashley is all about inspiring the world to get rid of this yucky standard Americanized diet and to instead indulge into delicious, plant-based living foods. She has helped countless people with their weight-loss journey helping them to increase their energy levels and physical health.

10. @AfyaIbomu: Afya is a holistic nutritionist, celebrity chef, and author of The Vegan Remix, The Vegan Soulfood Guide to the Galaxy and the Get Your Crochet On! pattern Books. Afya is constantly reminding me that my body is a temple and it needs to be treated as such.


11. @DrNatashaSandy - Dr. Natasha Sandy is a celebrity medical doctor, expert in Dermatology, Medicine and Fitness. I heard her interview on The Jist Podcast. It was so good, I couldn't wait to play it back!

12. @MelodyOrganics: Melody takes you on a juicing journey. Her juice recipes are always so delicious and they encourage to drink a juice once a day! Your body will thank you.

13. @MillanaSnow - Millana Snow is an Entrepreneur, Model, Actress, Reii Healer and Speaker. She is the founder of @SereneBook which provides a international wellness platform for holistic practitioners to meet their clients and vice versa!

14. @LalahDelia, is a Holistic Practitioner, Wellness Advocate and Writer. She is also the founder of VibrateHigherDaily which is about is a place to grow, to relax, to rejuvenate, to vibrate.. even higher. It is all about mind-body-soul empowerment.

15. @QueenAfua, founder of the Queen Afua Wellness Center: Home of the 21 Day Detox and The Sacred Woman Program. I am currently in the midst of reading Sacred Woman and her other book, Heal Thyself is on my Booklist to complete. I’ve been to one of her events and it was spectacular. It completely changed my life. It inspired me to want to take more special care of my womb and to help other women do the same. Queen Afua is one of the reasons I am on this holistic coaching journey myself. 

16. @NerissaNefeteri is one hell of a sex-pert currently saving the world one pum-pum at a time. Womb care is so important and she encourages me to take care of myself on a budget.

17. @Nykeba is ALL holistic. Nykeba is the founder of Cori René. She created an all natural, all over moisturizer.

18. @AlphaFoodie: Eat like a KING, Feel like a KING. This page has by far the most vibrant, colorful, and alluring photographs of food ever. She makes me wan to straight up lick my phone screen!

19. @RawCells: LA organic vegan treats.. She makes vegan look sweet, fun, and super yummy!

20. @TheCraftyCube: a sister-sister duo obsessed with holistic beauty. They are lovers of nature, lovers of knowledge, and lovers of self. They have created a space to learn more about the world of holistic beauty. They offer many natural remedies to take care of hair, skin, and nails. Allowing us women to learn from one another.

Anybody else I should know about? Keep the inspiration going! Comment below.