BLACK Friday: Uniquely Wired M

Greeting Gods,

Happy Black Friday! Back at it again with another Black Owned Business to support. This BLACK Friday will be dedicated to M'Shari's company Uniquely Wired M. Uniquely Wired M is a one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry made from organic materials that promote self-healing. With a variety of jewelry in earrings, eyewear, bracelets, rings, necklaces, belly chains, anklets and more all of her pieces are designed to help you heal. Uniquely Wired M brings high vibrations, consciousness, and mindfulness to the use of gemstones and copper healing. Let's get back to our roots. These jewelry pieces are an artistic way to promote your spiritual, inspirational, and healing essence.
There are pieces for both women and men, children and some for animals as well! 

Also, Uniquely Wired M is truly what it says it is: Unique. You have the the option for your pieces to be custom made and fit just for you. M'Shari can make one-of-kind pieces that only you will have in the entire world. So feel AND look grounded, lifted, and positive in your Uniquely Wired M pieces. 

Shar IS unique. A few things that I absolutely love about both this woman and her brand is her passion to support other Black Owned Businesses. If you look through her Instagram, The Copper Queen, she is constantly supporting #BuyBlack, #SupportBlackArt, and other local business owners. You can also catch her at Sehiii NYC in Brooklyn. They usually host some amazing performance events on Wednesdays. Along with Uniquely Wired M you will catch other Black Owned Businesses and/or local business owners there as well.

Selenite crystals help to remove all energy blockages in the body. Ultimately, it is helps to cleanse your aura. Selenite will protect you and your aura and it is excellent for enhancing the properties of other stones by clearing and charging them. Uniquely Wired M has a crystal gun made out of Selenite. How creative was it to make a gun out of that!? 

Supporting Black Owned Businesses is essential for Black communities. Actually, it is essential for all communities, all minorities, all local business owners. This allows our communities to be more economically efficient. We need our youth to grow up seeing Black Owned Businesses thrive in their very own communities to know that this is all very possible. We need to introduce entrepreneurship into our Black communities and what it means to create wealth, power, and knowledge within our families, neighbors, children and communities. 

This is great people doing great things. With that being said, get Uniquely Wired! 

I am loving my Uniquely Wired Crown! Makes me feel like the Goddess that I am every time I step out in it. To take care of it I like to rest it by window for the crystals to recharge. When I wear it I am in the greatest mood and I really think it does fight off bad energy and helps conserve and clean my good energy! Check out my crown. But don't touch it.