Making Fitness Fun Again

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Godddddddamn. When does working out stop feeling like a chore? Shit. Having to get up to leave your house to hit the gym can feel like some sort of active responsibility. But whoooo said fitness couldn’t be fun. It’s just about finding a workout that you love. Now constantly laying in the bed, sitting on the coach, indulging in Netflix is highkey self-sabotage. You know you procrastinating and you know you’re trying to avoid doing the work. And it’s working. But then you start feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself. Like you’re not hitting your goals, like you’re not motivated, like you lack discipline - and it all goes down from there. Let’s be rude and interrupt this toxic cycle.

Start off by changing the way you look at things. Change your perception of fitness from chore to chance. This is a chance to be on step closer to your body goals. Right now your workout is boring and some days you don’t feel like leaving your crib to go to the gym. (Especially during this cold, harsh winter months.) So switch shit up. Try a workout you’ve never tried before.

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Hell, I’m about to take my first trapeze class ever. I watched a few videos and thought it was coolest thing ever. But that’s just the type of things that I’m into. And I encourage you to think about what type of movements make you happy. Let’s think back to when you were a kid. What type of movements were you excited about? Was it jumping double dutch? Manhunt? (I’m from the hood so manhunt was always lit.) Running? Run in a park you’ve never been to. Run alongside some water. Or just run. You like swimming? Get a membership at the Y and start taking classes. If you just like being in water (yurrr to all my water signs) they have Water Zumba and Underwater Cycling Class. Into dancing? Go to a Twerk class, or Afrobeat class.. Or even ballet. Boxing? Yoga? Try a yoga class you’ve never tried before. There are sooo many of them. I’ve always wanted to try aerial yoga. There’s Hot Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga. The list goes on. I like rollerblading because it’s exciting to me.. So I’ll rollerblade to the gym or hot yoga just to add that spice back into my workouts. Working out does not have to be boring… or stagnant. Adding some excitement to your exercise regimen will more likely keep you motivated to staying consistent with it. And it won’t feel like a chore anymore.


Some tips to stay motivated throughout your fitness and wellness journey:

  • First and foremost: Gratitude. I am a gratitude mami to the tee. I encourage everyone including you to practice being more grateful. When we are grateful we move in a space of love, appreciation and we remain in the present moment. So instead of beating yourself up and feeding into insecurities (which is very easy by the way - and that’s why this is called doing the work.) feeling like I can’t do this.. Or I’m not strong enough... be grateful for having a body that can move. For having body that is strong. For having two working arms.. Two working legs. This is not the bare minimum. Be grateful for what you have and where you right now. Focus on your progress and how far you’ve come because the small wins matter. Movement is a gift.

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  • Find a workout or accountability partner.
    Someone that will hold that ass accountable. If you said you wanted to hit the gym at least twice this week, find a partner that will follow up with you and check you to make sure you committing to what you say. Also, finding a friend to workout with gives you that extra motivation you may need to get up and get out.

  • Remember why you are hitting the gym. Is it to lose weight? Gain weight? Feel stronger? Whatever it is, really hone in the why. Why do you even want to lose weight? To do what? To feel like what? How is your life going to be better by hitting this goal? Think about that. It adds purpose and drive to what you’re doing.

  • Treat yourself to a really good smoothie or massage.
    Make a vow to yourself. If I hit the gym 3x this week for the entire month at the end of the month I will treat myself to a massage. For me I like to drink smoothies after my workout. So what keeps me going through my workout is looking forward to that delicious green smoothie. It’s almost like I work myself up to earn that treat.

  • Organize your space and make room for a workout station in your crib.
    I really like doing this because it goes from chore to I can’t wait to use this space to get my body and mind right. This can help with looking forward to your workout.
    This is my quick 20-minute ass and abs indoor workout:
    50 Crunches
    15 Glute Bridges
    20 Leg Raises
    20 Hydrant Kicks

  • Remember you are probably motivating someone else by motivating yourself.
    You’re probably inspiring somebody right now by just being in the gym. You’re reminding somebody that they too should be more consistent with their bodies and get into the gym. When I see somebody in the gym I’m like damn, that’s cool. Let me at least make a smoothie. Something damn!  

  • Don’t compare yourself.
    I know we hear this a lot but that comparing shit is a dub. Just stop. Stop looking at other bodies and comparing them to yours. What they eat might not make you shit and likewise. Respect and honor your body and your journey.

  • Create a fire playlist. Make the shit fun.
    When we are under the influence of great music, it makes us want to move. It can improve our performance making an exercise feel like a party. I’m either playing dancehall or trap music. It’s always a calm mix between Cardi B, Future, A Boogie, Vybz Kartel, Migos, Popcaan, Spice, and Beenie Man.

  • Buying cute workout gear.
    Look cute, feel cute. It just makes you want to wear it and use it even more. If buying cute gear is just out the budget right now I shop at Danice and it’s super cheap. I find matching gym looks for like $10 (in total, per look) $50 can get you 5 solid looks.  

  • Last but not least: Do some food shopping. When we eat better, we feel better about working out. And working out feels better when we eat better. It’s both sided. Plus partnering a solid workout regimen with a healthy eats helps to hit your wellness quickly and efficiently.

It’s all about getting started. It doesn’t hurt to start and you won’t regret it. Remember that not doing anything is not getting you any closer to your goals. Be kind and patient with yourself. This is your body, your life, your wellness journey. Fall in love with it. If you’re looking for new ways to nurture yourself, I created Black + Bloom, a free holistic wellness guide  to get the mind, body, and soul right.

Any tips and/or recommendations to stay motivated to exercise? Please like, share and comment! I welcome all feedback, comments and allat good shit. But for now, get moving!

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