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The BG Exhibit: Inside Look with Kadeem Woodson

April 23rd, 2017 marked the one year anniversary of Lemonade. I attended a phenomenal art exhibition in honor of Beyoncé, The Beyoncé Giselle Exhibit. But it was much more than an exhibit. It was truly an experience. Just imagine going to a Beyoncé concert, with a ton of beautiful artwork - very Bey-Lemonade inspired, Popeyes chicken (now we know that’s Bey’s favoriteeee), a photobooth, Beyoncé inspired clothing from Brooklyn's very own, KITE NYC.

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BLACK Friday: H(afrocentric)

It is extremely tough being Afrocentric in a Eurocentric world. On this Black Friday, I introduce a Black Comic Book series that goes by the name H(afrocentric).  H(afrocentric) is a Black comic strip series that forces the world to talk about both the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Introducing controversial topics, H(afrocentric) challenges people to think about race, class, gender and sexuality through comic stories. It shows the direct correlation between social injustices such as racial inequality, gender inequality and political injustice.

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