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Primary Food: Nourishment Beyond the Plate

Primary Food is the nourishment we get outside of our plates. It’s the “food” that really feeds your soul. It’s having a self-care routine, having a fulfilling career, having nutritious relationships. It’s how we feed our mind, body, soul. Our lifestyle is our primary food and actual meals are our secondary food. The more primary food we receive the less we depend on secondary foods to fulfill our needs. And vice versa, the more we depend on secondary food the less we receive primary food.

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100+ Halloween Costumes for Black Women

Greeting gods, 

Seldom do I find Halloween costumes with Black people as the models on the cover. As a Black woman, it’s really hard to find our favorite costumes and when we do we have to modify it to be Black. One year I was Jessica Rabbit but I had to be the ‘Black’ Jessica Rabbit. Very, very whack. White is not the standard so I’ve decided to come up with a list of 100+ Halloween costume ideas for Black women. Ranging from cartoon characters to old R&B groups to Queens, every Black woman (whether your hair is natural, relaxed, in box braids, or in bantu knots) will be able to find a costume that resonates with them from this list.

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BLACK Friday: H(afrocentric)

It is extremely tough being Afrocentric in a Eurocentric world. On this Black Friday, I introduce a Black Comic Book series that goes by the name H(afrocentric).  H(afrocentric) is a Black comic strip series that forces the world to talk about both the comfortable and the uncomfortable. Introducing controversial topics, H(afrocentric) challenges people to think about race, class, gender and sexuality through comic stories. It shows the direct correlation between social injustices such as racial inequality, gender inequality and political injustice.

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BLACK Friday: Uniquely Wired M

Uniquely Wired M is a one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry made from organic materials that promote self-healing. With a variety of jewelry in earrings, eyewear, bracelets, rings, necklaces, belly chains, anklets and more all of her pieces are designed to help you heal. Uniquely Wired M brings high vibrations, consciousness, and mindfulness to the use of gemstones and copper healing. Let's get back to our roots. These jewelry pieces are an artistic way to promote your spiritual, inspirational, and healing essence.
There are pieces for both women and men, children and some for animals as well! 

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