I honestly don't have an entire gallery worth of pictures from Maputo, Mozambique but I can tell you a few things that stuck out to me the most. I studied abroad in East Africa with a group of students from SUNY Albany. 

It is extremely poor. Not in the crime on 100 type of poor but like hungry poor. Children were chasing our bus without shoes begging for food, scraps, clothes, anything. It was really unbearable to watch. My heart was in pieces.
I remember thinking to myself no matter what I have to come back with a whole lot of money and help the children here in Mozambique. 

Secondly, the seafood is by farrrrrr the best seafood I've ever did have! It was so delicious!! They literally caught the fish and within the same hour or two started serving it. It was so fresh and rich in taste. The entire group had seconds and thirds. It was that good. Til this day I think and dream about the seafood we ate in Mozambique. Also, they do amazing live spray painting artwork.
I bought some breathtaking art pieces back. When I get them framed and all that good shit I'll post pics.

Another huge plus about Mozambique was the weather and its beautiful views. There were mountains everywhere you turned snatching our breath away. I highly, highly recommend Mozambique (especially Maputo). They do speak Portuguese there which is somewhat kinda sorta similar to Spanish. You can get away with it a little if you know Spanish but I recommend practicing a few phases in Portuguese. They responded to us a lot better when we attempted to speak it rather than just speaking English. The people there are really sweet and go pretty hard to make you feel at home. Again, I strongly recommend this extremely beautiful country. You just may find a part of yourself there just like I did. 

If you have any questions, stories, comments or anything please share them with me!