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I am a certified Integrative Holistic Nutrition Coach teaching women of color how to eat for the mind, body, soul. My coaching services are designed to provide education and conversation surrounding your personal wellness journey. I serve as a guide to help you transform your relationship with food. Together we will discover who you are as an emotional eater. The goal is to transition into a more
balanced, fulfilling, healthier version of yourself.

Your body is a palace for love.

We will work together as a team to identify your wellness goals and create a unique, customized blueprint to your success. I believe in individuality
and what works for someone else may not hit for you and vice versa.
Part of the process is determining what works for your body and your lifestyle.

My job is to help you hit your goals by making sustainable, mindful changes with your eating choices, lifestyle habits, physical activity, and stress management.

Look, ima be honest here. This is not a diet program. I do not believe in fad diets because they do not teach you how to listen to your body. I will teach you how to create a harmonious relationship between your lifestyle habits and food.
At the end of the day food is medicinal
and it’s important that we understand how to heal our lives.


Tired of feeling stuck?
Tired of diets not working for you?
Tired of struggling to hit your body goals?

I am here to help you:

  • Glow from the inside out.

  • Increase your energy.

  • Have a better, healthier relationship with food.

  • Eat for fulfillment.

  • Hit your ideal body goals.

  • Discover who you are as an emotional eater.

  • Replace unwanted food habits.

  • Digest your food more efficiently.

  • Speed up your metabolism.

  • Manage anxiety, depression and mood swings.

Just imagine what your life would be like with more energy. Imagine who you would be when you hit your body goals. Imagine all the creative, new activities you would do in your healthy body. Who would you be? What would you create? What would you do? Where would you go? It’s time to tackle the self-doubt, self-attack, anxiety, perfectionism syndrome energy and convert it into positive, loving, long-lasting changes to create the very life you deserve to live. It’s time to eat and live for joy.


A 1-Hour Nutrition Consultation is $50.

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