Moving Monday Motivation: Workout Dance

Greeting Gods,

Happy Monday! My best friend Melly and I were in no mood to get on the treadmill or stairmaster for our cardio session at the gym. We decided to come up with a dance workout routine instead! In just under an hour we created this routine to one of our favorite, favorite tunes. Anytime we hear Your Number - Ayo Jay at a party our waistlines go crazy so it was only right that we came up with a workout routine to it. 

Here are some MAJOR benefits to moving to the Dance Workout routine:

Target Areas
Core: The core is our very foundation! Many of the steps used in my routines places a huge emphasizes on the midsection and the hips which in turn strengthens the core. When the core is strong your back is strong! No more lower back pain.

Glutes: Now who doesn’t want a tone booty ooty? You’ll feel all the burn right in your gluteus medius and maximus. This will lift the booty up and keep it toned, feel the burn to the beat... Or the beat to the burn.

Legs: We get down low! The ups and downs will definitely have your quads and hamstrings working. This will help you with your mobility, agility, and your reflexes.

Arms: Lifting them up and down will for sure increase the mobility in your shoulders. To maximize results, use weights that are appropriate for your performance level.

5 KEY Benefits my Workout Dance Routine will help you with:

  1. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The perfect combination between low and high intensity workouts. This will help you hit your target heart rate quicker than your average cardio workouts. This will also help build your endurance levels allowing you to exercise for longer periods at a time. Anything that helps your endurance helps your heart. Your heart will get stronger and stronger. Having a good cardiovascular respiratory system increases how much oxygen you can breathe in during a high-intensity event therefore making you stronger, better, quicker overall.

  2. Flexibility: Becoming more and more fluid with both your body and the beat of the music. This will help with feeling refreshed throughout the day. Less cramps and muscle tightness.

  3. Low impact: For those who have experienced a few injuries this will not put your body in jeopardy. If anything it will help your body get back to stability, strength and power.

  4. Calorie Burn: On average you will be burning around 600-1000 calories from just one 45-60 minute class. For those of you wanting to lose weight this is a major plus!

  5. Improved coordination: This will help you as you get older. Your balancing will improve dramatically.

Check out the routine:

There goes your Moving Monday Motivation.. Hope you enjoyed it! Now try it with your best friend and tell me all about it in the comments below!