Vibrating Higher: Morning Manifestation


To manifest is to create your own reality. It’s bringing something you imagined front and center into physical life through your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs. We are manifesting all of the time. Everything that is happening in your life right now can be directly traced back to previous thoughts, feelings, or beliefs -- whether that be unconscious or conscious. Energy is everything and everywhere and your life is one big karmic ball of manifestation.

First things first: Define exactly what it is that you want, focus on how you would feel if you already have it and live as if your wish was fulfilled. It is that simple. Act as if. One big personal goal of mine is to master the art of manifestation. I want to learn how to make my inside world control my outside world.

This is what true success means to me. It means no longer allowing my current situation (outside world) to make me feel sad, anxious, depressed, down (inside world). I’ve been doing that my entire life and it’s easy. Self-manipulation is easy, taking pride in materials and outside appearances is easy, self-doubt is easy, negative talk is easy, focusing on what you don’t have is easy.


Do the inside work and focus on what you do have. If I keep focusing on what I don’t like in my life right now I’m making it hard on myself to create new, better, uplifting opportunities for myself. In order to attract that I had to be that. I had to do the inside work.

I started off with creating a morning routine. I made transforming this routine into a habit a priority. Every night I set my alarm to wake me up about 30 minutes to an hour earlier before I need to be up. First 15 minutes, I grab my gratitude journal and start writing down 5 things I’m grateful for right now at this very moment and then 5 things I’m grateful for in the life that I ultimately want to live/will be living. After practicing this a few days straight I noticed that my thoughts throughout the day started to shift in a positive light. I began feeling more appreciative of the things that I usually overlook plus I was beginning to make better decisions to get me to the life that I want to live and the life that I am grateful for.


Gratitude journaling is such a powerful law of nature/attraction activity. It raises your vibration putting you in harmony with the energy of the Universe. Making this a habit every will transform every area in your life.

After 15 minutes of journaling, I like to meditate for 10 minutes. I started at 5 minutes and worked my way up to 10. I know people who like to do it the other way around. They like to meditate first thing in the morning and then journal their thoughts from meditating. I’ve tried this several times and I almost always drift off back to sleep. I need to get some body/mind stimulation going before I jump right into meditating after sleeping. But I’m all about being practical, so I say try it both ways and see which way works better for you and your lifestyle.


I journal for 15 minutes and meditate for 10 minutes then I like to get some morning movement in. I have a quick 3 set ab routine that lasts about 10 minutes max. It gets me so pumped for my day! If not my ab routine, I’ll do some morning yoga stretches. There’s an app called 5 minute yoga that is perfect for beginners and it’s only 5 minutes so it gets straight to the point. Yoga helps with strengthening your body, increasing your flexibility and relieving stress so I strongly suggest investing 5 minutes into it.

After I get my mind flowing, my body flowing, I feel amazing. Setting this time out for myself in the beginning of the day truly sets the tone for the rest of the day. I find myself way less aggravated throughout the day, I have more patience, I am much more forgiving to myself and others, I am more understanding and I know it is because I made myself a priority in my very first moments of the day. This increases my energy and I know it will do the same for you.


Law of attraction responds to how you think and how you act. So be mindful about what you vent about cz complaining is literally praying for shit you don’t want. The universe is always listening, anxiously waiting to say yes to everything we think and feel.  So when you’re upset, anxious, doubtful, worried, scared -- you will attract more of this into your life. You’ll attract more drama, more uneasiness, and even more craziness. And when you are like this you are not aligning yourself with the positive things you want to draw into your life.

You must send out a high vibrational frequency to attract high frequency shit. Focus on your positive feelings that come love, gratitude, happiness, optimism, friends, family and you’ll start vibrating higher. This is real life magic shit. I’ve created a Manifestation Workbook designed to tap into your innate power to create the happiness and joy you deserve. This workbook has exercises specifically created to increase your vibrational frequency to let in everything you’ve been waiting for. It is a downloadable PDF making it super convenient for you to read on the go. Also perfect for jotting down ideas in your gratitude journal. I love practicing gratitude in my Karibu Journal cause it’s really cute and fits in every bag. Check out my manifestation workbook. Check out my Karibu Journals. And keep a look out for my manifestation workshop coming soon in April 2018. Now go be the co-creator of your light and start curating your life.