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BLACK Friday: Uniquely Wired M

Uniquely Wired M is a one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry made from organic materials that promote self-healing. With a variety of jewelry in earrings, eyewear, bracelets, rings, necklaces, belly chains, anklets and more all of her pieces are designed to help you heal. Uniquely Wired M brings high vibrations, consciousness, and mindfulness to the use of gemstones and copper healing. Let's get back to our roots. These jewelry pieces are an artistic way to promote your spiritual, inspirational, and healing essence.
There are pieces for both women and men, children and some for animals as well! 

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From Fashion to Fitness

Tons of people have been asking me if I am still a Model. And yes, yes I am. I've been working extremely hard on my body before I start up with these photoshoots again. I started a 10 week program that incorporates a very strict nutrition program along with a fitness regimen. This program along with discipline will get me to my fitness goals and I am really excited about that. I just recently got NASM certified to be a Personal Trainer and that is what I am doing now. Now I am mixing the best of both of my worlds: Fitness Modeling

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Photoshoot Fun w/ Brooke DiDonato

Last weekend I met up with Brooke DiDonato again. She's one of my very few photographer friends that loves mac&cheese just as much as I do. She introduced me to Autie Carlisle (designer:, Britt Layton (stylist: and Stephanie Cappiello (model). Together we created magic in just a few short hours. We ordered in some delicious Thai food (Brooke's & I go to order in food while on set, loll) and discussed the dynamics of living in NY vs California and other states. It was really refreshing to converse with other creatives as myself. It reminded me to never forget to make time to create and share great positive energy with others. Then the magic began...

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