Black Owned Nail Salons in New York City

Businesses is what drives our communities and economies of those communities.

We NEED to bring awareness to Black-owned businesses and we need to understand the importance of giving money back to our very own communities. Blacks spend less money in black-owned businesses than any other racial group spend in businesses owned by members of their groups (this includes Hispanics  and Asians). 

A report by Nielsen and Essence estimates that black buying power is over $1.3 trillion dollars yet only a tiny fraction of that money is spent at black-owned businesses. It is critical for black people to devote more attention to building wealth within the black community unless we will ALWAYS be BEHIND

I encourage ALL people but especially Black people to invest in our own businesses to increase the longevity and influence within our communities. 

This change and shift is important for everyone. We need to consciously shift our thoughts (the thoughts that we have been programmed to think). Supporting Black Owned Businesses creates jobs, build up communities, and provides a sense of economic prosperity. The children of our communities need to grow up seeing businesses owned by all races to understand that there is a level playing field in the world of entrepreneurship and everyone has access to the "American" dream. We absolutely MUST show our Black Children that they themselves can be business owners and show non-black kids the diversity that lies outside of chain stores.

Below you will find a list of Black Owned Nail Salons in New York City. 

Free Edge Beauty Studio
470 Sterling Place
b/t  Classon Ave & Washington Ave
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The Nail Suite by Lisa Logan
2388 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
New York, NY 10030

The Nail Boutique
983 Fulton St
BrooklynNY 11238

b/t Cambridge Pl & St James Pl
Clinton Hill

 The Nail Boutique - 2nd location

236 Lewis AVenue  
Brooklyn, New York 11221
b/t Quincy St. & Gates Ave

The Bed of Nails
2272 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
New York, NY 10030

Simply Polished
452 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

The Lacquer Palace
184 Lenox Avenue
b/t 119th St & 120th St

SHIC by Soketah's
564 Myrtle Avenue

b/t Emerson Pl & Classon Ave

POLISHED Fingertips
2198 Frederick Douglass Blvd.
b/t 118th St & 119th St

Pleasure Me Nail Bar
5409 Avenue N
b/t Ralph Ave & East 59th St

Picaso's Nail Den
166 Atkins Avenue
b/t Pitkin Ave & Glenmore Ave

Expectations Nail Spa
193-08 Linden Blvd
Saint Albans, NY 11412

Nail Bed (Organic)
317 Flatbush Avenue
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Valencia's Nails
361 New Lots Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Barry's Beauty Bar
859 Flatbush Avenue, ste 2
Brooklyn, NY 11226
b/t Linden Blvd & Martense St.

The Nail Belle
199 Malcolm X Blvd
b/t Madison St & Jefferson Ave


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Written By:
Arielle Simone