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Take Your Time

Take. Your. Time. Back. I am sooooooooo tired of working for 7-8 hours throughout the week for ANOTHER person/company to come home too damn  tired to give that same energy and time to myself. It is draining. It is unhealthy. And it is unfair. It forces me to look forward to the weekend, hoping time goes by fast to get some time to myself which is toxic and never good. Time is so precious. Why are we looking forward to rushing time to make time for ourselves to do the very things that make us happy? Not okay!

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BLACK Friday: LIT Bklyn Candles

LIT Bklyn Candles are 100% Natural Soy Wax and scented with the finest fragrance oils. It is a Brooklyn-based Candle Company. A friend of mine, Denequa, is the founder of LIT Bklyn. I must say that I am just so proud of this woman. From the very first day that I met her in an Africana Studies class at the University at Albany she has been an incredible person to know. Her energy alone will have you feeling UNstoppable. She is inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and hilarious! Denequa is extremely beautiful on the inside AND out and it's so amazing to witness her creating her own business and motivating others all in the process. Denequa launched LIT Bklyn Candles December 2015 and it's been lit ever since. 

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Black Owned Nail Salons in New York City

We NEED to bring awareness to Black-owned businesses and we need to understand the importance of giving money back to our very own communities. Blacks spend less money in black-owned businesses than any other racial group spend in businesses owned by members of their groups.

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