30 Day Weight Loss Program: Sept 1st!


I am extremely excited to be FINALLY launching my very own 30-day Weight Loss Program on Sept 1. My availability has opened up and allowed me to take on this project. I am really excited to see this project blossom. My clients will learn so much about nutrition and discover so many new things about their very own bodies. This program is going to be a journey for them. This journey will require discipline, perseverance, and commitment.  My clients will learn so much about dieting, nutrition and how their body responds to both. They will begin to discover and learn who they are as an eater. They will learn how to revolutionize their relationship with food. When you eat what foods, how do you feel? That is going to force them to tap into their emotions and notice the link between how they feel and how they eat. 

This 30 day Weight Loss program is broken down into a three compartments. 
1. Nutrition Counseling: Clients will learn how to eat for their very own bodies. They will learn which foods to add to their diet, how to lose weight through diet, how to read and comprehend a nutrition label, understand what a calorie deficit is and what it means to lose weight, which foods give their bodies the most energy, how to meal plan, prep, and pack. This is where they discover how certain foods make them feel. They will learn about supplements and the nutrients that our bodies need to lead successful lives. They will learn how food has a direct link to their mood, their relationships with other people, themselves, career, etc. They will also learn the importance of proper dieting and sleep/meditation schedule. 

There is a right way to eat. And it is the way humans would naturally be eating if the invention of mass produced, processed food habits didn't occur. So we're going back to the roots. Our real roots. 

2. Bootcamp Series: This is where things get physical. Physical, physical. These group fitness classes will be focusing on HIIT training. The focus is to drop fat and build lean muscle through full body movement, body weight exercises, and fast paced movement. These classes will be offered to the clients after they pass a full body movement assessment and corrective exercises. 

3. Personal Training: Here is where we privately train. It will be a one-on-one session where I focus on SMR (self myofascial release: Foam Rolling), corrective exercising, proper activation drills, strengthening the underactive muscles and lengthening the overactive muscles. The focus will be making sure we correct any faulty movement patterns and then making sure we activate the right muscle groups at the right time IN and OUT of our workouts. This will help increase the quality of their movement, increasing their range of motion and allowing them to feel what it means for a muscle to be activated. 

Benefits of Arielle Simone's 30-day Weight Loss Program:
- Weight Loss
- Weight Maintenance
- Lack of hunger and deprivation
- Blood Sugar Control
- Cholesterol Control
- Increased Energy
- Better Sleep, Better Mood
- Immune Boost
- Overall increase in health
- Improved Appearance and Healthy Glow

Now who doesn't want to glow?
If you know anybody that would be interested in losing weight or is having trouble with losing weight, feel free to contact me at arielle@ariellesimone.co. I will send an application. This program starts Sept 1! 

For private personal training and nutrition counseling, contact me at arielle@ariellesimone.co