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Alkalizing Bodies: How to Eat for Optimal Health

Like anything in life, balance is key. When it comes to your body’s pH levels, it’s the key to life! pH is how we measure how much alkaline or acid a food contains. An abundance of acidic foods creates an environment for yeast and fungus. When we eat acidic foods we make it much harder for the body to store important vitamins and minerals so it gives the body no choice but to pull these vital nutrients from other parts of the body such as our teeth, bones, and organs.

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30 Day Weight Loss Program: Sept 1st!

I am extremely excited to be FINALLY launching my very own 30-day Weight Loss Program on Sept 1. My availability has opened up and allowed me to take on this project. I am really excited to see this project blossom. My clients will learn so much about nutrition and discover so many new things about their very own bodies. This program is going to be a journey for them. This journey will require discipline, perseverance, and commitment.  My clients will learn so much about dieting, nutrition and how their body responds to both. They will begin to discover and learn who they are as an eater. They will learn how to revolutionize their relationship with food. When you eat what foods, how do you feel? That is going to force them to tap into their emotions and notice the link between how they feel and how they eat. 

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