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Deconstruct Your Cravings

Anytime we crave a certain food it is because something else is missing in our lives.  When we think about the foods that we are craving, we need to also ask ourselves, what do we desire, what would make us feel most passionate? Most alive? The answers are usually right in our cravings. We all just want to feel fulfilled, valued, joyful.  We want to feel radiant, alive, and golden.

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Alkalizing Bodies: How to Eat for Optimal Health

Like anything in life, balance is key. When it comes to your body’s pH levels, it’s the key to life! pH is how we measure how much alkaline or acid a food contains. An abundance of acidic foods creates an environment for yeast and fungus. When we eat acidic foods we make it much harder for the body to store important vitamins and minerals so it gives the body no choice but to pull these vital nutrients from other parts of the body such as our teeth, bones, and organs.

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Skincare 101: Less is MORE

Who doesn't want perfectly clear skin? Don't we all. I am going to expose ALL of my Top Beauty Secrets! Below you will find out my favorite go-to products that I use to promote clear, soft, and nourishing skin. For my models, this is critical especially with the stress behind the preparation for fashion AND during fashion week. And for all of my beautiful women these are some awesome, legit products that I use. I want to start off by saying LESS is definitely MORE. I do not use a lot of products and most of all I do not use them very often. I use them about 2-3 a week. It is SO important that you let your skin and body build their natural oils and do the work! 

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