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My Top 20 Most Inspiring Women in Holistic Health

In celebration of Women's History Month I've decided to come up with a series of Inspiring Women doing their damn thing. This week's Womencouragement is all about Holistic Health. My Top 20 list is a list of holistic influencers that I personally follow that inspire me every single time I get on Instagram. Instagram has the tendency to infiltrate our minds with fantasies and dream lives having us feel a little insecure about our very own lives. These Instagram accounts do quite the opposite for me. They motivate me to be great, to be challenged, to love myself.. and my life. They encourage me to just be kind to myself and my journey. They get me excited for my own personal goals toward holistic health coaching, nutrition, exercising, traveling and just outright being holistically amazing...

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Alkalizing Bodies: How to Eat for Optimal Health

Like anything in life, balance is key. When it comes to your body’s pH levels, it’s the key to life! pH is how we measure how much alkaline or acid a food contains. An abundance of acidic foods creates an environment for yeast and fungus. When we eat acidic foods we make it much harder for the body to store important vitamins and minerals so it gives the body no choice but to pull these vital nutrients from other parts of the body such as our teeth, bones, and organs.

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