Dear gods,

Welcome FALL. It’s pumpkin season! The weather is changing and so are our bodies - putting our immune systems at a greater risk for disease. This temperature shift invites viruses such as rhinovirus and coronavirus (two very important agents of the common cold) to grow inside of us during the Fall and Spring months. Not to mention, inflammation grows in the darker, colder months and this is what makes us sick.

It is vital that you eat peak foods in their peak season. When you buy locally and eat seasonally, the fruits and vegetables have traveled the least amount of time and have been picked close to their peak of ripeness. They have a higher vitamin content. Eating foods during their peak season gives you a wider variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet throughout the entire year and the chance to savor what’s in season. This shift in nutrients and foods along with the weather is bridging the gap between your outside world and your inside world. This flow allows us to consume a variety of nutrients, keeping our bodies at it’s healthiest.

Fall brings us cool season crops such as lettuce, pumpkins, squashes and the starchy vegetables all super rich in vitamin and fiber - all designed to promote healthy digestion while making you feel fuller for longer. Fall also bring us persimmons. Persimmons are fruits that are only in season for such a short time and then they’re gone so you have to make it a point to eat them.

These Superfoods are hitting in the Fall: 

  • Pumpkins: rich in Vitamin B and potassium. You will have more energy. Pumpkins are sweet and moist. Perfect for cakes, pies, and soups. And where are my beauty babes? Vitamin B will have your hair, skin, and nails glowing. 

  • Squash: loaded with Vitamin A and Omega 3s. Vitamin A will help your heart so you can run that extra 5 mins, or throw that extra set in at the gym. Squash in the Fall/Winter have much more of a sweet taste to it. Add some cinnamon and ginger to the mix for perfection.

  • Sweet Potatoes: Vitamin A, Iron, and anti inflammatory benefits. Roast these bad boys. This is good for your eyes and helps your immune system fight off viruses, infections and diseases.And for my ladies, this is perfect for menstruation. We lose out on a lot of blood, vitamins, and nutrients. Sweet potatoes help you put them back in. 

  • Brussel Sprouts: greatttt for iron. For my anemics out there, or anybody who gets really cold, really fast. 

  • Turnips: Vitamin C, K, A, and folate. This list wouldn't even be right without some root vegetables. They are super dense in nutrients. Perfect alternative for cabbage. Vitamin K helps with blood clotting and makes your bones stronger especially if you've suffered from any injuries. 

  • Parsnips: filled with potassium and fiber. They kinda look like carrots but they are lighter and sweeter. This food helps to lower your blood pressure. 

  • Beets: available all year round but come alive in the Fall. Roast them (releases the betaine: good for heart disease and muscle gain) Add to your greens.

  • Cauliflower: practically 0g in fat, sugar AND sodium. Haven’t always been a huge fan, I like broccoli better but I’ll sprinkle some turmeric on them and roast them.

  • Dates: Low in fat, high in potassium and fiber. Partnered with almonds and you have a nice work snack. This helps digest your food better, leaving you to feel lighter and lively. 

  • Apples: super high in Vitamin C and fiber. Apples are really great for your heart. Literally the perfect pre workout snack. They spend time growing ALL Summer and reach their peak in the fall. 

  • Pears: packed with vitamin C (our immune system loves this vitamin) and copper. Copper gives us energy! You'll definitely feel more active throughout the day. Try cooking this sweet and juicy fruit. It’ll really bring out the flavor. I loveee a baked pear. 

  • Pomegranates: powerful in antioxidants which protects our skin and slows down the aging process like ayeeeee, add more years to this skin, Pomey. But forreal tho, I personally like to take the seeds out and put them in my salads. 

  • Grapefruits: lowers cholesterol, rich in Vitamin C and cuts belly fat. Eat this 4x a week and watch your belly flatten out. Add it into your salads. I loveee the way it tastes with salmon and avocado. 

  • Kiwi: Loaded with more vitamin C than an orange! Great for potassium and copper. I used to think Kiwi was such a summer food but it’s peak is in the Fall.

  • Tangerines: filled with Vitamin C and beta-carotene which is good for the skin and eyes. Tangerines are my favorite small fruit snack and can fit into almost any purse. 

    Our bodies need specific nutrients to fight off any viruses and colds. Changing our diet with the weather creates this harmonious healthy version of ourselves. When you eat foods that are at peak in the season, you will feel like you are at peak in each season. Add these foods to your diet and not only will be outchea fighting off colds and shit, but you'll be vibrant on the inside AND out. This Fall season remember to wash your hands thoroughly, exercise, peak a food and eat it then watch how you flourish. Colds will be a dub from here on out leaving you to feel your very best.