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Dieting is a Dub.

Diets do not work because they don’t teach you how to listen to your body. Even the best diets don’t work. Over 65% of people who go on diets gain the weight back within a year later. They are good for the  temporary win only. So yes, you may lose the weight at first but it will come back. They go against intuitively connecting with your body and learning what works best for you. The key to sustainable healthy weight-loss is changing your lifestyle habits. 

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The Power of a Self-Care Morning Routine

Having a morning routine that mentally, physically and spiritually fulfills you is one of the best things you can do for yourself. When you make more time for yourself you have more control over creating the life you deserve.  Changing my morning routine changed my life. Studies prove that when you start your day off immediately looking at your phone it increases stress and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. This is why having a self-care morning routine is so powerful.

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The Fear of Not "Making It" on Social Media

Social media anxiety is real. It has this interesting way of making us feel like we need to strive for perfection. Things will trend, things will fall off, then something else will trend, and something else will fall off. It’s a vicious cycle. And this cycles affects me because I tend to get discouraged when it comes to posting for this very reason. Talk about applying pressure. Solution: Focusing on my purpose and how I can actually help people inspires me to stay motivated to post.

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Welcome FALL. It’s pumpkin season! The weather is changing and so are our bodies - putting our immune systems at a greater risk for disease. This temperature shift invites viruses such as rhinovirus and coronavirus (two very important agents of the common cold) to grow inside of us during the Fall and Spring months. Not to mention, inflammation grows in the darker, colder months and this is what makes us sick.

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Eating for Success: Having Clean Habits

Feeding Success: A Nutritional Blueprint to fuel Busy Professionals and Business Travelers. The perfect book for getting on the right track with your diet when you have an extremely busy life. Models often travel and we're extremely busy so we may not have the opportunity to always catch a workout, but clean eating is even better. Remember, what you eat on the inside shows on the outside! She is also the Co-Founder of Goji Fitness and Zenberry. She has such an amazing spirit and it was a pleasure to have a pre-session with her. In my pre-session we discussed so many things that I am going to share with you guys.

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Energy Cleanser

After work today, I stopped by Brooklyn Crepe and purchased an energy cleansing drink. I'm really into sweet drinks and foods, so if you have a sweet tooth like myself this would be awesome for you. It does have an acquired taste but for the most part its really good. 

Ingredients: Cucumber, Beet, Lemon, Apple, Carrot, and Bee Pollen. The Bee Pollen is what is supposed to give you all the energy you need for the day.

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